From The Chair of the Board

Dr. Katie Hurt Details The Past, Present And Future Of How The Mutual Supports CEP America

By Catherine M. Hurt, MD

Dear Mutual Policyholders,

The Mutual, RRG, Inc. is a professional liability insurance company that is owned by its policyholders - you. As a member-owner, I thought you would be interested in the Mission Statement that defines the goals of our company.

Mission Statement of The Mutual, RRG

  • To offer the highest quality, affordable insurance services to our customers in the health care field
  • To promote excellence in the daily practices of our customers by offering innovative risk management and consultative services
  • To maintain a working environment for our employees that fosters a culture of respect and continued professional development
  • To conduct our business in a prudent and ethical manner that promotes financial stability and growth of the company

Since your premium costs are determined by the total of The Mutual’s expenses and your losses, you can drive down premium costs by providing excellent care. The Mutual is committed to being a part of the equation to decrease premium costs by identifying areas that need attention to improve patient care and safety and reduce losses. Additionally, The Mutual continues to win over 95% of our trials. You will also be happy to know that The Mutual has one of the lowest expense (operating costs) ratios in the industry.

As we look back on the last year, your professional liability company, The Mutual, has been expanding side by side with CEPAmerica. We have extended coverage to practices in 13 different states and are poised for more expansion. In addition, The Mutual now covers seven different practice lines including hospital medicine, emergency medicine, psychiatry, critical care and anesthesia amongst others. Although we are growing, we have remained very financially stable due to our prudent planning for this expansion.

This year our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Spiro, has continued to expand his role. He is involved in case review, personal litigation support, and education for our policyholders. He is working closely with Dr. Michael Sequeira, the CEPA Director of Quality for Risk, to coordinate efforts in these areas. As The Mutual covers different aspect of medical practice, we are working hand in hand with CEPA to provide education that addresses the risks that we see in these varying practice lines and ways we can improve patient care and safety. Educational sessions, provided by our physician educators, can be attended at your site, the regional meetings, the partnership meeting and specialized sessions hosted by The Mutual. It’s our goal to provide our member-owners with the education they need to take care of patients with quality and safety.

Highest regards for the care you give every day,

Katie Hurt, MD
Chair of the Board
The Mutual, RRG